: Secure and authenticated file sending is a simple service to send very large volumes of data while respecting three requirements: confidentiality, proof of delivery and traceability of transactions.

As simple as your usual file sending services but compliant, secure and authenticated!

Whether you need to send personal data to third party, to establish a specific date for documents or simply to send data with confidence or to archive them in a lasting way, this service meets all your needs. And much more.




Evidential value


Traceability responds to three types of needs:

Ensure confidentiality of data sharing

Your data are fully encrypted (AES 256) as part of a key management policy that complies with the French general security database (the “Référentiel Général de Sécurité” or RGS)

Provide tailored and effective evidential services

Depending on the chosen service level, you have access, on demand, to electronic signature and timestamp services that allow you to prove the delivery and the date of your sending

Trace all your transactions

All your transactions (sending, solicitation, delivery) are traced in a secured and inviolable register

  • Secure encryption of all exchanges
  • Advanced encryption standard
  • Government level security
  • Symmetric encryption aes256
  • Third-party pay-per-trust
  • Etsi ts 102 023 certified timestamp and rgs compliant
  • Third-party certified archivist archive service of france
  • Medical, banking or nz42-013
  • Archiving data in a sovereign cloud
  • Trail audit service for external verification
  • “blockchain” chained logging
  • Chaining all transactions
  • Monitoring and integrity monitoring
  • 3 levels of electronic signature