Functionalities gives you access, upon request and according to the chosen service level, to powerful proof system corresponding to the state of the art.

Data security

Data confidentiality and integrity are insured both during storage and transmission. These operations are carried out through the use of audited cryptographic techniques that meet the highest current standards. Moreover, you can easily choose the authentication level to apply according to your objectives.

  • AES
  • 256
  • Confidentiality


You can adapt operations traceability depending on the issue or the context. Thus, to prove the date of your exchanges and according to your needs, you can either choose a simple timestamp or a certified timestamp (cf. cases of use).

  • Certified Date
  • Proof of transfer


Data storage in the cloud ensures you the control of legal and regulatory framework.

Legal archiving enables you to store data on long-term integrity and sustainability conditions. According to the chosen service level, you can access to a third party archiver that is qualified for public archives, health or banking data.

In every case, encryption of stored data ensures total privacy of the archives.

  • legal archive
  • Probatory

Sending and solicitation management offers powerful functionalities for the management of sending and namely:

  • Dashboard with access to a complete sending log ;
  • Multi-recipient with individual acknowledgment of receipt ;
  • Time-out periods and reminders management.

The service also allows you to request file sending directly from your interlocutor in order to comply with good practice in data transmission.

  • Registered transfer
  • Electronic delivery certificate

Acknowledge of receipt and data delivery

According to your needs, you can adjust the degree of acknowledge of receipt that is required from recipient: a simple download link, an OTP (One Time Password) authentication, a qualified electronic signature, etc.

The solution allows for a close traceability of your exchanges: in progress, received, acknowledged, error, etc. A notification is sent for every event.

  • authenticated
  • Electronic signature

Data governance allows complete functionalities for data governance:

  • Preserved transmission proofs;
  • Secure archiving and storage;
  • Management of retention periods.
  • Sovereignty
  • Compliance
  • Nf
  • Gdpr
  • Iso 27001
  • Rgs
  • Etsi